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NP2022_Revisiting Discovery Audit: Plea, Pledge and Process, not Perfection

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posted on 31.03.2022, 18:12 by Julie Zhu
Slides from “The discovery audit revisited"


Usage metrics drive most digital resource decisions, and discovery engines drive usage. To this end we revisit discovery tools that are completely, partially and barely under the control of libraries using the format of a discovery audit, where everything from referring sources, library choices, discovery layer maintenance, and user input are considered within the context of the NISO Open Discovery Initiative (ODI). The library community’s stake in information provider and discovery service provider conformance to ODI has been understood for some time, but newer to the stage is information provider’s interest in library conformance statements. This session will explore why conformance statements can be a challenge, but nevertheless worth the effort as part of a general discovery audit process. In particular, we will explore how conformance statements can trigger dialogue between information providers and libraries on elements of the discovery infrastructure that tended to be overlooked or hidden in the boundaries of data exchange.