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posted on 2023-03-22, 15:56 authored by Rogan Hamby, Andréa Buntz Neiman

Slides from “Lightning Talks"


Join us for a series of quick, informative presentations about projects, and talk with the experts afterwards, including:

1. Andrea Buntz Neiman & Rogan Hamby (Equinox Open Library Initiative) - A Tiny Library with a Million Volumes: the Open Source Future of Resource Sharing

We know that a thriving resource-sharing consortium helps libraries and individuals have access to a broader, more diverse range of perspectives. Open-source software lowers barriers to resource access for all library users. With open-source resource sharing, even the smallest library can access global resources. This is an opportunity for all of us to learn about how open-source resource sharing can make a difference for your library and your community.

2. Bonnie Lawlor (consultant) - The Use of Blockchain Technology Along the Scientific Research Workflow

Bonnie will be telling us about the development of a White Paper that examines the use of blockchain technology along the scientific research workflow. Her talk provides a glimpse of how the technology is impacting the future of scientific research and encourage listeners to access this important White Paper when it is published this year.

3. Olivia Grace MacIsaac & Ted Polley (IUPUI Library) - Moving from piecemeal to systematic: Reprioritizing how academic libraries approach research information management

Olivia and Ted will be doing a presentation on how research information management (RIM) workflows at universities are increasingly intersecting with library workflows -- particularly regarding data management, funder compliance, and preservation of the institution’s scholarly record. In this session, Olivia and Ted will share their vision -- to shift from thinking about library-supported RIM services as piecemeal to a more systematic approach that prioritizes open infrastructure.

4. Jon Bentley (OpenAthens) - Why Data is important to publishers and libraries

OpenAthens customers come from many different industries all over the world. Their identity federation manages the exchange of millions of anonymous data every day. They’ve been doing some work to analyse this data, what it tells us and how it helps inform and prepare us for the future. In this lightning talk, Jon explains why data is important to librarians and publishers.

5. Frode Hegland (Director, The Augmented Text Company LTD) - Visual-Metadata for Augmented Documents

Visual-Meta is an approach to document metadata where what a document is, what its structure is and how it connects to the documents is written as an appendix in the document itself rather than hidden in a datafile, augmenting ordinary documents and making them richly interactive. This brings specific advantages to authors and readers. Frode can't be with us for the conversation, but he supplied this video for attendees: 


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