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NP2022_The user journey to discovery: Tips for content providers

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posted on 2022-03-31, 18:22 authored by Magaly Bascones, Getaneh Alamu, Kieran Prince
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The user journey to discovery: tips for content providers

We usually hear that is not the destination but the journey what is important. Is this also applicable when we talk about discovery in the context of the scholarly communication?

10 years of discovery services implementation and digital publishing development have altered the library technological scene, users’ expectations, and scholarly communication actor’s interactions. Covid-19 pandemic also highly impacted many areas of the scholarly communication specially delivery and discovery.

This presentation will be of interest to content providers, librarians and service vendors. This presentation will contribute to the understanding of what is discovery and what content providers can/should do to contribute to the discovery of their own content and per consequence improve the experience of end users.

This presentation will contribute to the understanding of the basics on discovery but also provide a check list of what content providers should do to excel in this field. From metadata providers to partnerships, content providers have an essential role on discovery but how much are they responsible of the success of the discovery users’ journeys? What can they do and why?