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NP2022_OA eBook Usage Data Analytics and Reporting Use-cases by Stakeholder

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posted on 2022-03-31, 17:37 authored by Christina DrummondChristina Drummond, Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins
Slides from “Open access usage metrics"


Consistent usage metrics in an open access world

People tend to think about COUNTER reports as one of the inputs information librarians use to evaluate subscription content. In an increasingly open world, COUNTER needs to evolve to address new needs. Lorraine Estelle and Tasha Mellins-Cohen will outline the ways in which consistent, credible, comparable usage data remains relevant in evaluating the investment libraries are making in Open Access journal and book content. They will also discuss what COUNTER has been doing to facilitate OA reporting within the bounds of the existing release, and explore future options for enhanced and extended item-level OA reporting in the upcoming Release 5.1.

From distributed data hoovering to upstream data quality: how International Data Space frameworks and standards may transform book usage metrics

Stakeholders involved in the OA eBook Usage Data Trust will share how the emerging IDS model and data rulebook approach being developed in Europe is informing data trust infrastructure development efforts that aim to improve the exchange and accessibility of trusted usage data for OA ebooks. You will be introduced to the International Data Space concept that has emerged across multiple industries and will then consider what a potential international data space architecture and rule book might look like for scholarly publishing, given the constellation of existing OA metadata and usage data platforms, services, and stakeholders.