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NP2022_Metadata and Open Science: Future of Research Outcomes

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posted on 31.03.2022, 18:10 by Steve PinchottiSteve Pinchotti
Slides from “The importance of metadata and open science on research outcomes"


Trillions of dollars are spent annually on research programs. Research funders and organizations recognize the need to link the research that has been funded or received to publications, patents, clinical trials, and other outputs. Several advancements and initiatives are demonstrating progress in making these critical linkages to increase and understand the impact of research across the scholarly publishing lifecycle.

This talk will explore how advances in metadata and open science make it possible to create transparency into outcomes from award to publication and beyond, and why transparency into outcomes benefits the entire research ecosystem.

Led by subject matter experts representing scientific research, data standards, and technology, this panel presentation will explore how constituents across the research ecosystem can identify outcomes – years after a program has concluded as well as trace the arc of their researchers’ work from award to publication and beyond.