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NP2022_Metadata, OJS and Library Hosting

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posted on 2022-03-31, 17:50 authored by Rebecca Wojturska
Slides from “Going with the publishing (work)flow: moving metadata from the point of peer review"


Machine-readable metadata makes it possible to draw connections between the various stakeholders and phases of the research process from the time a scholar submits their work for peer review through publication. There's just one big challenge — getting that information to "go with the flow" of publishing and remain clean, correct, and complete along the way. And there's a lot to keep up with, from established metadata standards like Persistent Identifiers to new ones under development like the Peer Review Taxonomy.

In this session, we'll discuss steps scholarly publishers can take to improve the flow of metadata from the point of peer review, including:

  • How author education can lead to better metadata quality and linking
  • Ways to bridge peer review and production gaps to keep metadata moving forward
  • The potential of digital-first production processes to streamline metadata creation and dissemination and the latest developments