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NP2022_Joint commitment for action on inclusion and diversity in publishing

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posted on 2022-03-31, 17:52 authored by Nicola Nugent
Slides from “Using data to drive and support strategy: DEI and communication initiatives"


There was a time when the phrase data-driven decisions brought to mind strictly financial information, but today organizations are looking to data of many kinds to assess their current state, guide their future strategies, and measure their progress. DEI and Communications initiatives are two areas where privacy-preserving data collection and effective use are increasingly important in expanding services to underrepresented groups. High quality information about authors, reviewers, editorial boards, or customers will ensure accountability and increase impact, as we move our industry forward to engage more deeply with libraries and researchers. While there is general consensus that we should collect data, there is little agreement on just what data to collect. Data interoperability and data transparency will be key, in particular as we seek to draw comparisons across our international ecosystem. If you want data driven insight, you need to ask thoughtful questions. Join this session to learn from those who are forging ahead on this path.