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NP2021_The values & Challenges of the Contributor Role Taxonomy (CRediT)

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posted on 2021-05-26, 19:38 authored by liz allenliz allen
Slides from “The values and challenges of the CRediT taxonomy"

Description: The CRediT (Contributor Roles) taxonomy — already in use by a number of publishers and other organizations — is currently being formalized as an ANSI/NISO standard. It is valued by the community as a way of recognizing more of the many types of research contribution. But there are also still many challenges to be addressed, including the current focus on roles in the STEM publication process, which will be tackled in future phases. The speakers in this session will share their views on the current and future value of CRediT, how that can be maximized in future, and what challenges will need to be overcome for us to be successful.