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NP2021_NISO KBART Validator App Fast, Clear, Automated Feedback on KBART Files for the Community

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posted on 27.05.2021, 15:27 authored by Davin Baragiotta, Benjamin Johnson
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NISO KBART Validator App

How can we enhance trust in the quality of KBART files? Endorsement process is one way. Automated validation could be another way.

Content providers can have their KBART files endorsed by NISO. But the endorsement process consists of manual checks and thus can be a long process, with multiple file revisions and much back-and-forth communication required. The KBART Standing Committee aims to formalize and speed up its endorsement process by automating a number of validation tasks, thus providing more time to analyze parts of the files that are trickier to check automatically. Automated validation could also occur upstream, by content providers checking their KBART files post-production, or downstream, by knowledge bases checking KBART files before ingestion. What if all these scenarios relied on a shared tool?

The NISO KBART Validator app has two goals:
* Short term : ease NISO’s endorsement process by automating file checks that can be automated
* Long term : provide the community with a common validator app

The NISO KBART Validator app is currently under development. This session will provide a demo of the tool and insights about its roadmap. We want this app to be community powered: we’ll take time in this session to discuss where you and your organization could help, with or without developers."