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NP2021_Looking for an accessible open science - overcoming barriers within SciELO Network

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posted on 26.05.2021, 22:03 authored by Solange Maria dos Santos
Slides from “A focus on accessibility"


Looking for an accessible open science: overcoming barriers within SciELO Network

People with disabilities and / or the elderly, who currently represent 45% of the world population, especially those associated with Higher Education and research institutions, have reported significant difficulties in guaranteeing their rights to accessible information. Therefore, it is important to portray the current situation of accessibility in the interfaces of the SciELO Brazil collection and in their respective digital assets. In light of this objective, an accessibility assessment was carried out on the SciELO Network website pages. The results indicated absences of: alternative text for images; link labels; page language indication; among others. Considering 82,716 (19.5%) scientific articles from 9,045 volumes published between 2017 and 2020, 205,921 figures and 173,976 tables were prospected. Although 95.05% of the tables are encoded in HTML (98.29% with descriptive labels and 98.18% with captions), none of the analyzed articles presented essential elements for the transmission of information to assistive technologies. This scenario highlights the need to adopt standards to promote accessibility in all stages of the flow of production and dissemination of knowledge.