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NP2021_Introducing the Software Citation - Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

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posted on 26.05.2021, 20:21 authored by Daniel S. KatzDaniel S. Katz, Erika Pastrana, Melissa HarrisonMelissa Harrison
Slides from “Solving problems with standards"


Introducing the Software Citation: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Research is commonly intense and complicated. The work to analyze a hypothesis involves building on the discovery of others and contributing new ideas and approaches. Sometimes researchers use tools designed for their community that are licensed or open source, and sometimes they must develop their own software or workflow in order to achieve their objectives. This software (aka code, model) is an important research object that supports transparency and reproducibility of our research. Without the software, it can be much harder or impossible to fully understand how the resulting data were generated and to have faith in the conclusions presented in the paper.

In this session we will share (via slides) 1) the guidance developed by the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group for authors, developers, and journals; 2) how it supports and aligns to efforts happening around JATS/JATS4R; and 3) ways for the community to evaluate how well software citations, and necessary availability statements are being provided by authors.