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posted on 27.05.2021, 14:12 authored by Emma Booth
Slides from “Metadata and discovery"


Better metadata makes a difference

Libraries create, ingest and use metadata for a variety of purposes and activities, including supporting end user discovery of resources and collections. In order to successfully facilitate resource discovery, librarians must ensure that the metadata in their systems and discovery layers is standardised, accurate and as complete as possible; otherwise, their collections can be rendered essentially invisible to the user.
You will then hear from Emma Booth about the National Acquisitions Group Quality of Shelf-Ready Metadata Project, which collected data from UK academic libraries about their experiences with vendor-produced metadata for books and e-books. This case study serves to illustrate how poor quality metadata has a genuinely negative impact upon libraries and their users. It also demonstrates that the development and adoption of standards related to metadata quality is in the interests of everyone involved in the supply and use of library content because all stakeholders in the supply chain stand to benefit from ‘better’ richer metadata that can effectively bridge the gaps between information and communities.