NP2020_JATS, BITS, STS: Keeping Things in a 'Family' and Backward Compatibility

2020-04-21T20:53:35Z (GMT) by Jeffrey Beck B. Tommie Usdin

Slides from a session on Keeping Things in a Family and Backward Compatibility at NISO Plus 2020

Description: XML users are choosing to adopt existing public models instead of building bespoke models, and groups of users are building new community models by extending existing models. Users expect to realize significant benefits when they base a model on an existing, supported public model, including the ability to intermingle the documents in databases, to use tools created for the existing model for their new vocabulary with minimal additional work, and to adopt rendering/formatting applications and change only those aspects specific to the new vocabulary. Based on our experience with JATS, BITS, and STS, we believe that these benefits are within reach, but only if some discipline is applied to the development and growth of the vocabularies.